Cryptico Corp.

Knowledge... Discretion... Action.

Open Source, Open Data, Open Legislation, Open Government

We inhale and exhale openess... If you need help accessing data or need help releasing your data we got the tools for the job and the experience wielding them. We don't follow Open Data trends, being pioneers, we are setting them.

Discretion, Protection, Reliability

If on the contrary being out in the open is not an option, we can help you too. We honor our name and have the cryptographic body of knowledge to create custom encrypted APIs and signing algorithms all the way to designing specialized hardware to keep your private data remaining private. There is a reason military contractors trusts us.

Non digital services

Not handling the transition from the physical world to the digital world is just moving the problem to another environment. Certifications, partners and award winning staff, if we don't have it we can get you the market leader that does. Our trust network is extensive and we can tap into it to find the best solution for your problem if we don't have in-house.